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Get up to 8% DRIP cashback and rewards on your DRIP deposit.

How to buy DRIP crypto coin online video tutorial guide.

Earn $377,834.34 from $10,000 in 1 year from DRIP Community? Sounds like a scam or a pack of lies? Is DRIP Community a scam? That’s what most people would think but the key is to find an investment that pays 1% per day and the answer lies in DRIP. With the conventional way of doing things, that would be nearly impossible but not with DRIP in the world of cryptocurrency where 1000% profit gain is the norm or already happening. Think bitcoin and I guess you get what I mean.

Before you even dismiss it totally, I implore you to take a few minutes of your time to read on below and not beat yourself out over a great opportunity missed.

What is DRIP?

The bedrock of DRIP is the feature of paying 1% on your investment per day. You can either pull that amount out and receive your 1% return of the DRIP token per day, or you can “Hydrate” or recompound your earnings and compound the 1% against the new amount. By Hydrating you start to see the 3678% APYs (Annual Percentage Yield – a way to measure how much your money may grow over time as you earn interest on your deposits) by the end of the year (fees excluded for simplicity).

Low-Risk, High Reward Contract

The drip network’s faucet is a low-risk high reward contract that operates similarly to a high yield certificate of deposit. Players can participate by purchasing drip from the platform’s swap page and joining another user’s drip team.

Depositing drip to the faucet contract earns a consistent 1% daily return of their drip passively. (365% maximum payout)

Players can also compound their earnings through regular deposits, rolling rewards as well as team-based referrals. Unlike many other platforms promising a consistent daily % return, the faucet’s contract cannot drain and will always be able to provide the drip that has been rewarded.

Where do DRIP Rewards come from?

Drip rewards come from a 10% tax on all drip transactions.
(exclude Buys from the platform’s swap page)

You get taxed 10% everywhere. Deposits -10%, Claims — 10%, Sells — 10%, Airdrops — 10%, Transfers (from one wallet to another) — 10%, Hydrates — 5%, etc. These all go into 1 central pool to pay out everybody’s 1% a day, and because the incentive is to compound instead of sell, that’s more and more DRIP being taxed at 5%. The math of the site is designed to pay for itself so long as the majority of the folks stay within the Faucet, which is your greatest incentive for DRIP to climb to new heights.

If there is ever a situation where the tax pool is not enough to pay drip rewards, new drip will be minted to ensure rewards are paid out. Given the ingenious game theory behind the drip network, the probability the system will need mint new drip to pay rewards is extremely low. Since drip deposited into Faucet are sent to a burn address and drip is constantly being locked in the liquidity pool through the reservoir contract, DRIP is the only deflationary daily ROI platform.

Magical Formula of DRIP lies in “Hydrate” or Recompounding!

DRIP Tokenomics

The payment is in DRIP, not dollars, so you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from any price rises (as well as suffer from price falls), but the tokenomics of scarcity, deflation, and incentives to HODL (“hold on for dear life”) create the tokenomics to create a virtuous cycle that promotes the lifting of the price of the DRIP token. Just look at the 91% TVL (Total Value Locked). Only 9% of the Million total supply of tokens is even available for trading.

*tokenomics  – the term is formed by pairing up the two words token and economics. It is the study of how cryptocurrencies work within the broader ecosystem

About DRIP

It is able to provide passive income through smart contracts in Defi (Decentralized Finance). It was created on the Binance Smart Chain, and the DRIP Token can be bought with BNB.

The official token of the DRIP Network is DRIP (BEP-20) on the Binance Smart blockchain (BSC) that captures value by being scarce, deflationary, censorship-resistant, and by being built on a robust, truly decentralized blockchain.

DRIP Network is the latest project developed by Forex_Shark, BB and the team.

How It Works

1. Cryptocurrency exchanges such as,, Binance.US,, and offer BNB.
Buy BNB from them and keep in wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect or Binance Chain Wallet)

2. Go to the Drip Fountain and exchange BNB for DRIP.

2. Use my buddy address to join before you deposit drip in the FAUCET page
Buddy Address: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289

(It is necessary to have a Buddy address before you can buy Drip)

3. Deposit at least 1 DRIP (Ensure you have enough BNB to pay for the gas fees.)

4. You’re set up on DRIP. Get ready to receive 1% daily!

Access detailed instructions on how to buy Drip

Encounter any difficulties in buying drip?
Email or Whatsapp 88279070 for quick help.

Get up to 8% DRIP cashback on your DRIP deposit. (Time-limited promotion)

Use the buddy referral code: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
when you sign up for DRIP.

Upon joining, I will link you up to a invitation-only “DRIP Success” Telegram group to get more personalised tips, help and strategies to making a million dollar from DRIP.
Email for your rewards upon sign up.


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