Workflow Tips

Multi Wallet Strategy

All things being equal (and not including any referral bonuses), 1 wallet with 50 drip (about $1K) can get you a total return of $1.3M (no more.) Similarly 1 wallet with 500 drip (about $10K) can get you a total return of $1.3M (no more), just MUCH faster (2 years). SAME TOTAL RETURN, unless the price of drip continues to rise, in which case the smaller wallet makes more.

Also, all things being equal, if you have 50 drip and split it into 5 wallets, total return is $6.5M instead of $1.3M.

if you add a parent into the equation (split your 50 into 10 at the top and 5 wallets of 8 each), the scenarios are even more starkly different because the parent also gets the hydration bonuses.

Tip #1 – Checking for the number of team member in your downline
Click “Team Airdrop” button.
Click “Use my address” button
Set the following
Minimum Directs = None,
Team Depth = 1 (or more)
Minimum Net Deposits = 1+
Click “Run” button

Tip #2 – Update Drip price dynamically in Google Sheet

In Google Sheet, go to Tools>Script Editor
Copy the text from
Save and exit.

Replace hard-coded $ amount in the Drip cell (K1) with

Thanks to Jeremiah Lewis for contributing tip #2

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