Major new capital flow into DRIP, DOGS, and PIGS – scratch tickets NFT

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We brought in a third party who specializes in advanced math to go over all of our work on the Piggy Bank and we will be finalizing all of the numbers today‼️

As I said in the last interview we will wait until 100% of the work is finished until we set a launch date, this way we will never again feel forced to make a last minute decision in order to meet a deadline. All of the coding is 100% finished. We have enough PIGS from the credit event to do a 100% migration, and all that is left is to finalize the numbers which we are handling today. In our quest to always improve we made some slight changes to our development process which took time but we are more confident than ever in our ability to push development with security in the forefront. This includes bringing on an additional developer whose main focus is quality control 💪🏻

Yesterday we had a meeting about the scratch ticket model and made serious progress. We know the scratch ticket model is a high demand product that is extremely sustainable but through the power of DeFi we have really taken the protocol to the next level by giving a use case to the scratch tickets (NFTs in our case) which were not winners. This use case ensures that when you buy a ticket, not only do you have the chance to win multiple prizes just like a standard scratch ticket model, but also a share of the protocol itself. This adds a new element of demand to the scratch ticket model for serious investors which can only be done through DeFi. This will not only be a major stand alone project, but it will also bring in a major new capital flow into DRIP, DOGS, and PIGS as a % of all BNB used to buy the tickets will go directly to supporting these assets ⚡️⚡️

I will be making an official Piggy Bank launch date for next week as soon as we finalize the third party review of our numbers, but right now we are looking at Thursday as the most probable day, as we will try to finalize everything today and then give ourselves a full week of heavy promotion with the announced launch date 🐷🚀

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