New use case and new utility for Drip holders and stakers

Drip Announcement 15 July 2021

We have successfully updated the minimum stake to 1 DRIP, thank you for being patient!!

The growth of the platform has been so amazing to watch. This week we will be making several promotional announcements regarding our collaboration and partnership with Focus Visual, the streamer management firm as well as a new partnership with a development team that is going to introduce a new use case for DRIP and a great new utility for DRIP holders and stakers. I’m sure that reducing this minimum stake is going to go a long way in assisting team leaders in growing their teams, as it’s something people have been asking for on a daily basis. We will continue to listen to the requests of the community and appreciate all of you. The community is what has made DRIP the success that it is today and we are just getting started. There is no shortage of ideas that we can implement and partnerships opportunities that we can exploit to grow the platform and generate additional value for DRIP investors.

पर्यंत मिळवा 8% DRIP कॅशबॅक तुमच्या DRIP ठेवीवर. (वेळ-मर्यादित जाहिरात)

मित्र रेफरल कोड वापरा: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
जेव्हा तुम्ही DRIP साठी साइन अप करता.

सामील झाल्यावर, DRIP मधून दशलक्ष डॉलर कमावण्याच्या अधिक वैयक्तिक टिपा, मदत आणि रणनीती मिळविण्यासाठी मी तुम्हाला फक्त-आमंत्रण असलेल्या “DRIP सक्सेस” टेलिग्राम ग्रुपशी लिंक करेन.
साइन अप केल्यावर तुमच्या रिवॉर्डसाठी [email protected] वर ईमेल करा.


DRIP ईबुक, बातम्या आणि टिपा प्राप्त करण्यासाठी साइन अप करा!

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