Animal Farm

What are PIGS and DOGS tokens in Animal Farm ?

Pigs Dogs BUSD
DOGS Token (Native Farming Token)

1. DOGS can be earned in all FARM and POOL (Primary Farm Reward Token)
2. DOGS have 6% base TAX on all TRANSACTION
3. DOGS have an additional 3% on SELLING
4. HALF of 6% base tax (3%) is sold for BUSD and this BUSD is sent to the vault which is paid out to PIGS STAKERS.
5. The other half of the base tax (3%) is paired with BUSD and added to the LIQUIDITY POOL raising the Potential Price Floor of DOGS with each transaction while further decentralizing and DEEPENING the Liquidity Pool.
6. The additional 3% tax on selling is burned, introducing a Deflationary Element to the token.

PIGS Token (Governance Token)

PIGS Token Break-Down

1. Staking PIGS allows you to be an Owner Of The Farm.
2. PIGS can be Farmed (EARN) Exclusively in the DOGS/BNB,
DOGS/BUSD and DRIP/BUSD staking contract
3. PIGS can be EARN by the DOGS Single Asset Staking Pool.


Check out the animal farm.

Animal Farm

Liberate Drip

Establish Position

Develop Position

Play your cards

Drip Garden

Animal Farm graphics are provided with courtesy of Nitecoda

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