Interview with James Pelton

Forex Shark Announcement

I am preparing for the AMA right now 🐳

There is so much to discuss so come join us in‼️

I will be starting the AMA at 12:30 est in about 30-45 minutes.


At 5pm est. today I will be having a live interview with Experience Crypto 24×7, who has a great following of extremely active investors. I will then try to jump on Black Sheep’s daily show at 7:20pm est. for a bit to speak with them.

I have interviews planned all week with some of the greatest influencers in the space and I will be making a follow up announcement in a bit with their times as well so everyone can prepare‼️


Tomorrow at 3pm EST. I will be doing a, interview with James Pelton, an influential youtuber and community leader in DeFi with an extremely active following‼️

We are doing a full dry run of the migration today to prepare for Thursday, I will start a countdown tomorrow so everyone will be on the same page about the migration time but it will be around Noon est. on Thursday 🐷🚀

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