Building new DRIP UI

הכרזת כריש מט"ח

We have completed all of our scripted/automated testing and are doing a dry run today deploying all the new contracts, wiring them to the front end and opening it up for the final manual testing to our admins. We know everyone wants it live right now and we are moving as fast as we can while maintaining extreme diligence. We have always been super diligent, which is why even if we hit a bump in the road capital is always protected, but we brought on a new dev specifically for quality control and we are prepared to take this to the next level‼️

On Thursday we will be giving an official launch day for the following week, as all of our testing will have been complete, and we will have nothing left to do but promote and get everyone prepared 🐷🚀

The new DRIP UI is built, we have a major third party raise prepared for the DAO, the NFT scratch ticket protocol is right around the corner and I could not be more excited for that. We have only just begun 👑

קום עד 8% DRIP החזר כספי על הפקדת DRIP שלך. (קידום מוגבל בזמן)

השתמש בקוד ההפניה לחבר: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
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