FAQ on Drip

1) What effect does the crypto market has on the Drip Token Price?
Whether the price of DRIP crypto rises or falls, the amount of DRIP tokens will increase by 1% per day, as regular as a heartbeat. Gone is the volatility of Bitcoin or ETH, the tokenomics of DRIP contribute to its smooth rise from nothing to something.

2) Earn 1% a Day. 365% a Year. Is Drip a Scam?
This 1% is fully funded by a series of 10% taxes on every DRIP transaction. Buy DRIP outside of the DRIP Fountain — pay 10%. Sell — 10%. DRIP funds the 1% dividends through a series of 10% taxes on every transaction.

3) I can’t find the bR34P token in pancakeswap to purchase?
You will not be able to search for the bR34p token in pancakeswap using the search box. Click on buy bR34P link to purchase.

4) I am having some transactional issues buying bR34P token in pancakeswap. Can help?
Connect to your wallet. Make sure that you are using pancakeswap V2. Try to increase the slippage tolerance to a higher percentage. If that fails, buy 1 bR34P token at one time (and repeat) instead of buying X number of bR34P tokens at one shot.

5) How long does it take to claim back one’s initial deposit?
The system allows a participant to claim 1% per day (not including DRIP tax). Therefore, it would take 100 days to claim 100% of one’s initial deposit. (Again, not taking into account the DRIP tax).
Accounting for tax, it would take ~ 111 days to claim an amount equivalent to one’s initial deposit.

Source: video by Crypto Mischief

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