Earn 3% Daily with DRIP Garden

Layer 1 will last 14 days and is essentially a  preparation phase to set up for the launch of L2 where the farm ownership will be decentralized and many of the new functions written above will be implemented. Those who accumulate LI token (REV) in L1 will have a major advantage in L2, as they will get a 20% bonus on both the L2 farm and governance tokens. This allows them to get in L2 at launch for the best rate possible. You could almost look at LI as an extended presale for the L2 launch. When LI ends the capital from LI will be migrated to L2 and those who take full advantage of LI, accumulating REV from the start will be the power users of Layer 2. Not only does accumulating REV tokens put you at a massive advantage with the launch of L2. but staking REV tokens on L1 pays out in BUSD rewards, allowing REV holders to secure profits without needing to sell their REV tokens.” – Forex Sharks


Layer 1: DRIP Liberation and DRIP Garden
Layer 2: Manor Farm (Launch on 4th January 2022)

How to Start Earning 3% a day with DRIP Garden?

Go to the Manor Farm
1 . Go “Drip Liberation” link, deposit BUSD or BNB into it
2. Get DRIP/BUSD LP token
3. Place DRIP/BUSD LP token into Drip Garden
4. Earn 3% per day on LP Token!
5. Compound Your Seed (LP) Everyday!

The game theory here is to get as many plants as possible. At 3% per day, you will have double your investment in under 30 days.

Strategies to more $ Earning

1 . Compound daily (or twice per day if you have a big bag) in the DRIP Garden.
2. Keep compounding until layer 2 (L2) of the Manor Farm launch.
3. Alternate compound/harvest every alternate day so you can start moving the capital from the Drip Garden into the Manor Farm.

Your crop of Drip Garden plants will keep increasing in quantity and value, and so will your position in the Manor Farm, allowing you to buy lots of those sweet PIG and DOG tokens!

1. Buy some DRIP-BUSD LP tokens on DRIP Liberation
2. Put 50% of these LP tokens into Drip Garden
3. Put 50% of these LP tokens into the BUSD-DRIP Farm (which is not live yet) to earn $REV
4. Stake $REV into the REV Pool earning $BUSD
5. Take some profit and also buy new BUSD-DRIP LP tokens (through Liberation
contract) and put them into the Farm again.

You want to slowly build your garden plants now and save some LP tokens for layer 1. Put the LP token in layer 1 to layer 2 to earn REV, stake the REV to earn BUSD.

Start earning 3% a day with DRIP Garden.

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