DRIP Terms

DRIP Terms

DRIP Faucet – Depositing DRIP to the Faucet contract earns a consistent 1% daily return of their DRIP (365% maximum payout) passively

DRIP Swap – the place to buy or sell DRIP

DRIP Reservoir – solution for players that want to benefit from non-inflationary yield farming through adding liquidity to DRIP

bR34P – tokens to be held in your wallet to receive downline referral rewards


AVAILABLE: this is basically the 1% that has built up (which in turn is calculated over Deposits)

It’s an accumulation of:
– deposits
– hydrates
– rewards
– airdrops

CLAIMED: the total of all Available you did either CLAIM or HYDRATE

HYDRATE: transfers the Available to your Deposits (after deducting 5% Tax)

CLAIM: transfers the Available to your wallet (after deducting 10% Tax), so you can use it for airdrop, sell, withdraw or HODL

Net Deposit Value (NDV) Explained
Staying net positive to be eligible for referral rewards. Net positive and net negative values are determined using the following formula:


Deposits = Total number of DRIP in deposits

Airdrops = Total number of DRIP you have been airdropped

Hydrations = Total number of DRIP you have hydrated

Claims = Total number of DRIP you have claimed


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