DRIP Terms

DRIP Terms

DRIP Max Payout
A wallets max payout is based on 2 criteria and when either is met, your wallet is dead.
1. Your Deposits hit 100K in DRIP
2. Your claimed amount is greater than 365% of your Deposits
(This is the figure shown in the Max Payout on the faucet page, to manually see this times your deposits number by 3.65)

DRIP Faucet – Depositing DRIP to the Faucet contract earns a consistent 1% daily return of their DRIP (365% maximum payout) passively

DRIP Swap – the place to buy or sell DRIP

DRIP Reservoir – solution for players that want to benefit from non-inflationary yield farming through adding liquidity to DRIP

bR34P – tokens to be held in your wallet to receive downline referral rewards

Sell anywhere 10%
Buy non-Fountain 10%
Deposit/Stake 10%
Send wallet to wallet 10%
Airdrops 10%
Move from/to Ledger 10%
Send anywhere 10%
Claim/withdraw 10%

Here are the exceptions:
Buy from Fountain 0%
Hydrate/Compound 5%


AVAILABLE: this is basically the 1% that has built up (which in turn is calculated over Deposits)

It’s an accumulation of:
– deposits
– hydrates
– rewards
– airdrops

CLAIMED: the total of all Available you did either CLAIM or HYDRATE

HYDRATE: transfers the Available to your Deposits (after deducting 5% Tax)

CLAIM: transfers the Available to your wallet (after deducting 10% Tax), so you can use it for airdrop, sell, withdraw or HODL


Every deposit/hydrate will pay a 10% reward to a member of your upline, round-robin style, so to your immediate upline first, next action up one, up to 15 levels up. It used to always reward your immediate upline, which was a basis for some of the strategies using multi-tiered wallet structures. This change will make the whole system more sustainable in the long run and encourage building real teams.

1% a Day

Whatever is in your Deposits balance generates 1% per day, which shows up in your Available balance. You have two choices for using that Available balance.
1) You can claim it – the tokens come out to your wallet and you can sell them. The # of tokens you claimed out is added to your Claimed balance, like a counter.
2) You can Hydrate. Your available balance will be taxed 5% and the remainder will be added to your Deposits balance. In this case, the # of tokens that were in your Available balance is added to your Claimed balance as well.

So whether you claim out, or hydrate back in, it is counted on your Claimed balance.

Max Payout

When your Claimed balance reaches your Max Payout it’s GAME OVER. The faucet will stop generating the 1% per day. Then, if you were to add some DRIP to your Deposits, your Max Payout will go up by 3.65x whatever you deposit, and Faucet would start generating the 1% per day once again.

This is true until your Max Payout hits the hard cap of 100k DRIP, which we call MMP – Maximum Max Payout. Once you hit MMP you should only claim. Depositing or Hydrating would be a waste of money. It would be depositing money into the contract which you cannot get back out, at all. Your Max Payout cannot go higher than 100k DRIP.

Once Claims equal Max Payout, the DRIP Program for that wallet is over. One strategy is to claim out to another wallet way before that date to avoid some Whale Taxes.

27,300 Drip is the same thing as look Max Payout because Max Payout :
Deposits x 3.65. At that point, you can only claim and not hydrate. Claiming then continues until “Claimed” equals “Max Payout” and the account ends.


You can withdraw 1% daily from the Faucet until you reach your Max Payout. This is not time based. Deposits, referral rewards, hydration, and airdrops increase your Max Payout. Withdrawals are subject to 10% tax.

Net Deposit Value (NDV) Explained
Staying net positive to be eligible for team referral rewards. Net positive and net negative values are determined using the following formula:


Deposits = Total number of DRIP in deposits

Airdrops = Total number of DRIP you have been airdropped

Hydrations = Total number of DRIP you have hydrated

Claims = Total number of DRIP you have claimed

How to Check NDV (Net Deposit Value)

On the facuet page, under the “Player Lookup” section, paste your own wallet address…
As long as NDV is positive, you’re good to receive downline rewards…


NDV (Net Deposit Value) is important when you have a team.
if your NDV isn’t staying positive then your claims will be growing faster than your deposits – your max payout is 3.65x your deposits.

So if you are claiming faster than your deposits are rising then you will hit max payout. If you make sure your NDV stays positive then you are striking the proper balance to keep your account growing over the long term with the potential to reach the 100k max payout

If you claim every day more than the increase of your deposits+sent airdrops then your NDV will be negative. That also means that you have taken a “bite” out of your max payout.

If your NDV is staying neutral, or growing – then your max payout is growing faster than you are claiming against it.

As long as your claimed doesn’t = max payout, you will reach your full potential payout.

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