DRIP Run Automation

Are you spending more than 15min to 1 hour every day doing hydration or claiming your multiple wallets in DRIP? What is your time worth? Or rather, how precious is your time? Can your time be put to better use?

Is DRIP eating your life away when it’s supposed to give you financial freedom?
I’ve been there before, and I know how boring and self-disciplined you have to be doing this mundane task every day!

DRIP Run Automation! 

Press a button, and the program will hydrate or claim all your accounts in just a couple of minutes!

DRIP Run Automation comes with a host of features designed to be the most comprehensive program to making money with DRIP!

Here’s a sneak preview of the DRIP Run Automation

DRIP Menu Icon

DRIP Dashboard Layout

DRIP Run Automation allows you to create multiple accounts and shows the amount of BNB associated with each account.

2 Types of Run Mode
Manual Run Mode, Schedule Run Mode

1. Manual Run Mode
Use this mode when you want to have the flexibility to run hydrate/claim/idle for any account at any time.

A report will be generated with different colour code status to indicate your processing run status.

DRIP color code status

2. Schedule Run Mode
Use this mode when scheduling to run hydrate/claim/idle for any account.

For scheduling,  you have two options.

Daily – Run this action (hydrate/claim) daily at the scheduled time.

Alternate Day Hydrate/Claim – Run this action on an alternate day hydrate/claim at the scheduled time.

A report will be generated to keep track of your schedule execution.

DRIP Schedule Run Status


Alert Balance
Alert you when BNB is low

BNB Alert Balance



DRIP Run Automation is a life-saver. I can now earn money from DRIP and have the time to do the things I love most.

One of the obstacles I face with the multi-wallet strategy is the amount of time needed to commit to compound (hydrate) daily. Now I can do that with ease and spend time with my family.

Finally, the path to making money with DRIP has become so much easier.

The membership fee is worth it. It is small compared to the time put in to run DRIP daily. Plus, the membership fee is easily taken care of when I claim and sell my DRIP!

Security Features of Drip Run Automation

In Drip Run Automation, we take the security of your account very seriously and have implemented several security features.

1. Drip Run Automation uses the AES-256 standard to encrypt your data. AES-256 is practically unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the most robust encryption standard.

2. A separate encryption password key is deployed when you export your accounts, and a decryption password key is needed for program import.

3. An encryption key is needed to access your program.

Drip Encryption Key Login

The key question is how fast is DRIP Run Automation?

Hydrating or claiming 15 accounts just need 2 minutes! You do not even need to go to DRIP official website to do the respective actions! All these are the things of the past. “Out with the Old, In with the New!

Go ahead, start-up DRIP Run automation, have your coffee break; and it will be done 100% when you are back. You can even minimize the program while you go about the rest of your computer work! That’s how life should be!

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Audit Findings Summary for Drip Run Automation
– no signs of foul play, hidden codes, backdoor communication channels with any unknown servers
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Did I also mention that you will get access to promote DRIP Run Automation as an affiliate with 50% lifetime recurring commission?

Software Requirement: Windows 7 upward. Run only on desktop/laptop.

100% Risk-Free When you Join as a Member

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Drip Run Automation

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