White listing process and Promotional group raise for TheManor.Farm

Drip Announcement 19 October 2021

For those of you who watched last night’s interview linked below, you already know about the announcement I’m making today. We have decided to add an additional small 100,000 BUSD public presale raise that we are calling our promotional group raise (promo raise), to be used as a promotional tool and to create hype in the various promotional groups we work with.

The same as we did with DRIP which turned out to be massive influence on the initial promotion of the project at launch and caused a lot more demand for the token at launch due to the excitement the whitelisting and raised caused in the groups.

We will be working with 5 groups providing a 20,000 BUSD allocation to each. There will be a white listing process for those who enter the promotional group raise, this whitelisting requires that 10 DRIP or more has been bought and staked in the Faucet contract after this announcement was made by the person who is apply for the presale whitelist. So those who are interested in participating in this raise should buy and stake 10 DRIP before the whitelisting process takes place in your group💧🚀


Before this pubic influencer group raise, we will be handling the private presale in the DAO. First the whitelisting for the private sale starts tomorrow 10/14/21 in the DAO. The form will be posted in the R34P DAO group and pinned. We want to give ample time for those who are in the DAO to fill out the form. You will have until Sunday the 17th at 11am EST to submit the whitelist form. We will do the Private raise in the DAO on Tuesday the 19th at 11 am EST.

1 million BUSD raise

500-10,000 BUSD min/max personal allocation

20% under listing

To join the R34P DAO and enter the private sale use the info and links below:

The DAO is our special group for exclusive presales at the best prices.

You need 300 R34p to join the DAO. Don’t forget the 2% deduction(tax and burn) when you buy. So buy a little extra to account for tax and uniswap slippage.



To join the R34P DAO and get access to exclusive deals and presales follow the link and the bot’s instructions


Buy from Uniswap



For the influencer group raise will be working with the following groups to host this influencer raise:

https://t.me/Moonhunterz (MoonShotHunters)
https://t.me/joinchat/TiGT8JdY7bhmZDcx (BarterTownConglomerate)

The public influencer group raise will take place from the 21st-27th, with a raise in a different group each day. Before the raise we will host an AMA in each group to explain the details of the raise and the overall concept of the project.

100,000 BUSD allocation split between the 5 groups

250-1000 BUSD min/max personal min/max

10% under listing

With in the next 48 hours I will be assigning a specific day for each group which will be announced here as well as in the groups. This raise will not only bring additional buy pressure to DRIP, it also secures maximum exposure for themanor.farm as well as ensures the most active promotional groups in the space have incentive to promote the project and refer new capital. These groups have played a major role in the promotional of DRIP and it only makes sense to get them involved with the farm as early as possible.

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