What is DRIP Garden game and DRIP Liberation contract?

DRIP Announcement 22 December 2021

We are going live when the countdown hits 0.

When this countdown hits 0 we will unpause the DRIP Liberation contract, as well as the DRIP Garden game and investors/players, can start participating.

Both contracts can be found here: https://themanor.farm/

First, swap any of the tokens on the DRIP Liberation for tax-free DRIP/BUSD lp tokens and then deposit them in the DRIP Garden to start earning.

The DRIP Garden game is an incredible new high yield game powered by DRIP/BUSD liquidity. We developed the game to fill a major demand for high yield games that are fair and sustainable for players. DRIP Garden is a true game that rewards players based on their in-game actions instead of only rewarding insiders for getting in first before the contract is publicly available. It also has time and balance multipliers to ensure it will always be attractive for multiple waves of fresh capital to enter the system ⚡️⚡️

The DRIP Liberation contract not only allows pancakeswap DRIP/BUSD liquidity to be added to tax-free. It also acts as a DEX aggregator buying DRIP on whichever DEX is providing the best price, after accounting for price impact and potential tax. This provides all the benefits of arbitration such as efficient pricing and volume across exchange but gives the value of this arbitration to Drippers instead of arbitrage bots.

Get up to 8% DRIP cashback on your DRIP deposit. (Time-limited promotion)

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