The Manor Farm and The Animal Farm – Pre-Sale, Farm Mechanics 

Drip Announcement 2 October 2021

I am very excited to release the whitepaper and the website for https://TheManor.Farm, layer one of our new multi-layer farm project. In addition to the liquidity farms and single asset pools, we have also developed a contract which allows you to add DRIP/BUSD liquidity to pancakeswap with no tax and a DRIP/BUSD Miner game.

The Manor Farm and it’s second layer The Animal Farm are unlike any project that exists today. We have introduced multiple revolutionary protocols which are designed to decentralize the ownership and reward distribution of the project. These developments are designed to introduced greater sustainability than competing current models but most importantly preform well and maintain price appreciation.

From new developments like our Dynamic Decentralized Supply Control Algorithm which adjust the reward token supply based on current demand for the token, allowing the current demand to have the maximum beneficial impact on the price. To our layer 2 governance model which allows stakers of the governance token to own a share of the project, collecting platform fees and taxes paid on transactions, paid out in BUSD. Putting farmers and stakers in an ownership role incentivizes them to have a longer term perspective on their position and incentivizes investors to work together promoting and growing the platform. In addition to these developments we have also created yield rehypothecation contracts which allow us to earn yield on the capital staked on the farm through low risk pancakeswap pools and the yield generated from this will be used to create price appreciation in the farm’s tokens through buybacks and promotion.

Layer 1 will last 14 days and is essentially a preparation phase to set up for the launch of L2 where the farm ownership will be decentralized and many of the new functions written above will be implemented. Those who accumulate L1 token (REV) will have a major advantage in L2, as they will get a 20% bonus on both the L2 farm and governance tokens. This allows them to get in L2 at launch for the best rate possible. You could almost look at L1 as an extended presale for the L2 launch. When L1 ends the capital from L1 will be migrated to L2 and those who take full advantage of L1, accumulating REV from the start will be the power users of Layer 2. Not only does accumulating REV tokens put you at a massive advantage with the launch of L2, but staking REV tokens on L1 pays out in BUSD rewards, allowing REV holders to secure profits with out needing to sell their REV tokens.

The best way to get into Layer 1 is the presale which is currently in preparation. The private presale date will be announced on Monday!

Download The Manor Farm and The Animal Farm – Pre-Sale, Farm Mechanics 

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