Staking your REV in the SafeHouse pool allows you to earn BUSD

DRIP Announcement 

We are 100% live on both our platform and Pancakeswap‼️

REV token contract:


Pancakeswap buy link:

Was a lot of pent up fomo so it was a bit of a volatile launch but everything is running smooth.

Remember staking your REV in the SafeHouse pool allows you to earn BUSD with out the need to sell the REV token. This allows farmers to accumulate their REV tokens for the L2 presale where they will get a 20% better exchange rate than BUSD 🥳

Plus all capital accumulated in L1 will be migrated over to L2 and will be paid out in the form of BUSD to those who use their REV to enter the L2 presale 🐷🚀

We have already collected a large pool of capital from deposit fees for buy backs which will start shortly and we currently have millions of dollars being lent out to Pancakeswap that is earning cake as we speak which will also be used to support the price of REV 🔥

Big promos coming all week 👑

We just sent our first batch of DRIP to the tax pool that was accumulated from‼️

I wasn’t sure if I should address this or not but I will once and then never bring it up again. 7% of the REV sold in presale was able to be bought by one person, even though we took anti-bot measures. Our anti-bot measures is the reason he was only able to buy 7% and not more. Bots get in on launches and presales all the time, of course it would have been ideal if no bots got into the presale at all and in the future we will handle all raises privately to ensure this doesn’t happen. 💪🏻

What is most important is that this person is already out so they cannot effect the price into the future…

We are going to start buybacks tomorrow. We wanted to give a chance for things to stabilize and for the people who were just in it for a quick flip to get out before we start feeding capital back in. We also have some additional marketing which starts tomorrow 💧🚀

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