Stake the DRIP/BUSD into DRIP Garden

DRIP Announcement 24 December 2021

Amazing job guys‼️

Congrats to all of you Gardeners our there

We just added +8 million dollars into DRIP in 1 day 💧🚀

It couldn’t have gone any better. We have an awesome new utility that is removing DRIP from circulation, we are at ATH on PCS (where most people are watching the price) and we have a deep stable coin liquidity pool on PCS. This means not only will our analytics be correct on all of the listing sites but we are now decoupled from the rest of the market allowing us to grow untethered from the volatile swings of BNB. Any major correction we have ever had in DRIP was due to the whole market crashing, lowering the USD value of BNB and not caused by people selling DRIP itself 👑

To enter the DRIP Garden, send your BUSD or other tokens to:

Then stake the DRIP/BUSD that the Liberation contract sends you into the Garden:

Get up to 8% DRIP cashback on your DRIP deposit. (Time-limited promotion)

Use the buddy referral code: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
when you sign up for DRIP.

Upon joining, I will link you up to a invitation-only “DRIP Success” Telegram group to get more personalised tips, help and strategies to making a million dollar from DRIP.
Email for your rewards upon sign up.


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