Small BUSD raise on Tuesday in the R34P DAO

Forex Shark Announcement

Due to some changes we made to, such as the addition of a 3% tax on selling PIGS and some additional security functions, we would like to take an extra 1-2 days to run them by paladin and do our own in house testing. It’s essentially the same exact tax mechanic we have on DOGS which has now been fully audited and tested, passing with flying colors so we know there will be no issues but we will always be conservative on these matters because it is always better to be careful than assume. We also want to polish the site up a bit more and do more promotion for the launch event 🐷🚀

We are taking advantage of this extra 2 days by having a small BUSD raise on Tuesday in the R34P DAO and then launch on Thursday. This BUSD raise will go 100% towards appreciating the price of DOGS and PIGS‼️

To join the R34P DAO, you must hold at least 300 R34P, then click the link bellow and follow it’s instructions 👑

If you are interested, DM @Drip_Ninja as we have at least one position available to purchase OTC, which will save you money 🤩

Get up to 8% DRIP cashback on your DRIP deposit. (Time-limited promotion)

Use the buddy referral code: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
when you sign up for DRIP.

Upon joining, I will link you up to a invitation-only “DRIP Success” Telegram group to get more personalised tips, help and strategies to making a million dollar from DRIP.
Email for your rewards upon sign up.


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