REV contribution day

Forex Shark Announcement

DRIP still #2 for Defi on BSC, but look at the new user growth 💧🚀

Only platform in the top 5 with positive growth analytics‼️

This is how we steadily absorb all of the capital from our competitors. It’s only a matter of our time before our TVL and Volume surpass them as well💧👑


Countdown to REV contribution – Will take place on TheManor.Farm since that’s the site everyone is already familiar with 🐷

12pm EST – tomorrow 1/20/22


Today is REV contribution day 🐳

How many opportunities do people get in a lifetime to become the owner of an industry changing product, let alone in the fastest growing market globally? This is your chance‼️


Today at 12pm EST the countdown below will hit 0, we will capture the capital in the REV lp, and then open The Animal Farm REV presale contribution.


It’s important that those who still have REV in the REV/BUSD and/or REV/BNB liquidity pool, unpair and use this BNB and/or BUSD to buy REV.. This way you get full value for the REV you have exposure to when the countdown hits 0. Also if you still have unharvested REV from the non-core pools and farms you must harvest this REV before the countdown hits 0. REV acquired after liquidity has been removed and captured by team will not be honored in the contribution. If the REV is in your wallet or the SafeHouse you are good to go 🐷🚀

The contribution phase will be open for 24 hours but do not procrastinate, once it’s over, it’s over. Everyone who contributed REV will get the same presale rate‼️

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