Private sale for TheManor.Farm Coming

Drip Announcement 4 October 2021

I am proud to announce that we will be having our private sale for TheManor.Farm on Thursday the 14th of this month!! I will be publishing multiple promotional videos and interviews almost every day so come here for updates and further details. There will be a whitelist for both the public and private sale which will involve joining the telegram group 👑

We are having the private sale in the DAO, the public sale on shortly after, and then the project goes live almost immediately after the public sale. All the the development is done so now we are just scheduling the raises and launch based on what will have the largest promotion impact. We have a rugdoc review and a paladin audit in the works so that will be published before the public presale a long with a ton of other promotional material‼️

Go to TheManor.Farm and click the “DOCs” tab to read the whitepaper 💧🚀

To join the R34P DAO and enter the private sale use the info and links below:

The DAO is our special group for exclusive presales at the best prices.

You need 300 R34p to join the DAO. Don’t forget the 2% deduction(tax and burn) when you buy. So buy a little extra to account for tax and uniswap slippage.


To join the R34P DAO and get access to exclusive deals and presales follow the link and the bot’s instructions

Buy from Uniswap


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