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Forex Shark Announcement

Watch out for imposters among us‼️

Don’t trust any announcements pretending to be me. When ever you see what looks like an important post from me check the person’s username, the history of the chat, when it was created, if it’s a duplicate of a chat you are already in, and check with admins 👀

I will be making a real announcement in a few minutes.

I just got out of a meeting with Chainlink Labs and we discussed a partnership opportunity for DRIP, it’s going to be BIG💧👀

I’m extremely excited to announce that we plan to launch Piggy Bank next Tuesday at 11am est 🐷🚀

in the next couple days I will be releasing a more in depth version of the whitepaper, that gets even deeper into the code and mechanics of the system and we will be getting Animal Farm ads up 👑.

Just sent another $450,000 worth of PIGS to a burn address, increasing the deflation nature of the asset 🐷🚀


In 1 hour at 2pm est I will be getting in Animal Farm voice chat to discuss the mechanics of Piggy Bank.

An additional 300,000 BUSD was just sent to the Pig Pen vault, and 300,000 BUSD worth of PIGS was just sent to a burn address being removed from circulation forever‼️

We have not even tapped into the capital we have earned from rehypothecation, which will be used for both PigPen injections and buybacks 🐷🚀




Piggy Bank is going amazing and we are on track for Tuesday. I will be spending every waking hour of this weekend testing and running projections to prepare us for launch. It’s extremely exciting. Piggy Bank is another investment tool that I am proud to offer to our community because it is a true DeFi innovation which represents everything DeFi is supposed to be about and an amazing investment opportunity for Animal Farm participants 🔥


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