Piggy Bank – True Game Changer

Forex Shark Announcement

I will be doing an AMA tomorrow early afternoon to discuss the launch process of Piggy Bank and go over all of the mechanics in greater detail. I don’t want to give a time yet because I need to see when I can get some youtubers on with me to dual stream it but it will be early afternoon for sure. I will give a move exact time tomorrow. I am so excited to launch Piggy Bank, I believe it is a true game changer. If you have not yet checked out the whitepaper it’s posted below‼️

We will be getting the Piggy Bank front end up tomorrow so everyone can start to check it out and get familiar 🐷🚀

Once we launch Piggy Bank our full focus will be on marketing Animal Farm and preparing the next major DRIP partnership 💧👑.


I will be having an interview in The Animal Farm group http://t.me/The_Animal_Farm at 4pm est to discuss the Piggy Bank launch process and go deeper into the mechanics‼️

HotBit just listed DOGS & PIGS, this is huge from an exposure/marketing perspective, especially regarding Asia as HotBit is one of the most popular exchanges in China and we are all over their front page 🥳

Will continue to get listings on major exchanges 🐳

Lets Goooooo 🐷🚀


The largest DRIP account that’s been in since presale just hit Max Payout 💧🚀

This is going to increase every day from this point on with more and more early whales hitting max payout, which means a much stronger DRIP price as the major early whales will no longer be able to drain the system. This is HUGE 🥳

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