Piggy Bank – first ever non-inflationary variable time staking annuity

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The new PIGS staking protocol has been named after opening up suggestions from the community. It will be called Piggy Bank🐷

The Piggy Bank combines the best elements of HEX with the best elements of DRIP Garden. With out the negatives of HEX such as inflation, low APY, diluted staking rewards due to centralization, linear bonuses for longer staking and other limiting factors in HEX. We also take advantage of a referral system through out the whole life of the project, not just in year 1, and have a battle hardened referral system that cannot be used to leach or drain the system⚡️

The Piggy Bank is the first ever non-inflationary variable time staking annuity 🐷🚀

• Has longer pays better mechanics with non-linear increase in principle buying power for time staking longer.

• The ability to have multiple stakes from the same wallet allowing users to set up convenient lock up strategies.

• Stake airdropping functions allow you to airdrop time locked stakes to your friends and family, which also can be used as rewards to you community and following to incentivize referrals.

• Earn up to 3% ROI a day on your principal. Principal is increased through time locking multiplier creating an extremely power opportunity for compound growth.

• The referral bonus you get is dependent on how many DOGS you have staked in The Animal Farm. This not only heavily incentivizes DOGS staking but also prevents self referral leaching.

The Piggy Bank is a ground breaking new protocol that would be an extreme success on it’s own but as part of the larger Animal Farm, DRIP ecosystem it’s benefit for the user and impact on the space is beyond immense. We are taking the best concepts from systems that we known work and combining them to bring compounded value to the user. Development is finished, we are finalizing our tests, audits and projections this week. Whitepaper and promotional material is being created right now and will be published this week‼️

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