Pass full technical audit using Slither

Drip Announcement July 29 2021

From DRIP creator

I was going to announce this in an hour but I want to get the news out to the community first, we were just listed on CoinMarketCap‼️

We have a lot of custom code and our own custom DEX so it’s been a pain to get listings but I called in a favor and we got it done.

Now that we are on CMC it will be easy to get on all the other listing sites!! We were hiding some of our power level because we wanted to make sure the world saw it when we went hard and it’s about that time. We will take full advantage of the way they display their metrics and trending functions 💧👑

We also just did a full technical audit using an open source third party service called Slither. This is the best possible audit you can get because it’s always being updated with the latest 0 days and it’s open source so you know there are no back room deals to fake the results. All of the results in our technical audit report technical audit report can be verified by anyone with the technical skills to do so. We passed the audit with flying colors and I’ve never been more confident in our project.

Lastly I’d like to say that we will be adding more stable coins pairs to the DRIP liquidity pool and options to farm with them through a partnership that will be announced very shortly! I just wanted to get this out quickly to let the community know about CMC‼️ Great work everyone, it’s time to push hard.

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