Paladin audit to be published soon

DRIP Announcement 31 December 2021

On the schedule today we plan to get our Manor Farm paladin audit published 🐷👩🏼‍🌾

Ads up on DappRadar‼️

I have a meeting with 2 development teams who have very cool ideas on how they want to build on top of DRIP 💧🚀

I will also be passing the info to RugDoc to get our RugDoc review and marketing started now that we will have our Paladin audit published 💪🏻

We are also putting the final touch on the L2 front end The Animal Farm so that can be up before the public presale/ launch of L1 The Manor Farm. Wait until you guys see the art we had created for The Animal Farm, you will all love it‼️

Tomorrow is packed with promotional and partnership meetings as well. Including Cointelegraph so they can start working on articles and content about DRIP and Manor Farm. So much to do and it’s all coming together beautifully. One meeting tomorrow is with the team who I believe to be doing the most innovative work involving NFTs on the ETH network and we will be discussing a collab to create the first-ever cross-chain NFT protocol to give utility to NFTs cross-chain on 2 major platforms, both in their metaverse on ETH and on BSD in the DRIP Network 👀⚡️

It’s so exciting 🔥🔥

This Christmas Drippers organizing events around the world for people to give back, feeding people in need and hand out toys Christmas‼️

Some of the pictures coming in and a video coming soon. Thank you for organizing this giveaway in Cambodia, inspiring me and so many others ❤️

It was so beautiful and we will keep at it, not just on holidays.

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