Launching the new PIGS game

Forex Shark Announcement

Another 500,000 BUSD sent to the PigPen vault‼️

1,200 PIGS ($350,000) burned and forever removed from circulation 🐷🚀


We will have the new PIGS game whitepaper out this week and are planning to get it launched next week, development is going perfectly 👑

Over the weekend we have done a lot of optimizing, hardening of our servers, making the UI more efficient and dialing in of the PIGS game development.

I have a meeting today with a HUGE development team and if we secure a partnership it will open major doors for us both with DRIP and The Animal Farm. It doesn’t get much bigger than this from an exposure perspective but will also open up big opportunity for utility such as lending.


We have updated The Animal Farm whitepaper to be more concise, only including data relevant to current investors and have picked several winners for the Ad Competition‼️

We will be adding the new whitepaper to the website today. I will be reaching out to winners of the Ad competition all day having them tweak their submissions to fit our exact needs and paying out rewards so we can start getting the Ads up on high traffic crypto sites 🥳

I will be wrapping up the whitepaper for the new PIGS game today as well as coming up with a good name for it. We have also officially started the submission process for partnerships and a submission form will be placed both on & There are already at least 5 serious proposals which have been made that we are going through right now.

We are on track to launching the new PIGS game next week and full details will be released this week 🐷🚀


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