Massive co-promotion with Bet Fury and DRIP

DRIP Announcement 26 December 2021

I just got out of a meeting with Bet Fury that went so well‼️

We locked in a massive co-promotion deal with them. DRIP will be an available token to use on their platform, you will get paid in BFG token as an additional reward every time you use DRIP on their platform. There will also be a DRIP Battle game that is heavily promoted on their website that their users can only play with DRIP, they will be sending out articles and press releases through email and their social media to hundreds of thousands of users and they will be directing their users to buy DRIP through large banner ads on their site 💧🚀

We will also be discussing an option of allowing their users to buy DRIP on our native DEX in BFG tokens so they can advertise an easy way for their users to swap BFG tokens for DRIP on our native DEX 🥳

This could not be a better deal for us. We will be getting exposure for DRIP to hundreds of thousands of active investors. A new use case on a platform that does billions in volume every month, this use case will only be available on their platform for DRIP and will be heavily promoted by Bet Fury using banner ads, an AMA and also massive press releases on all social media. This new use case removes DRIP from circulation and rewards users for doing so on BFG tokens‼️

This is going to help us onboard thousands of new users and millions in fresh capital from outside of our own communities. We need to prepare all of the promotional material and they need to clear out space for us to do a proper co-promotion al so we targeting January to actually go live with the games with is only a couple of weeks away but we will start co-promoting even sooner. I want to get this info out to Drippers asap before we start to toe heavy co-promotion 💪🏻

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