Manor Farm Paladin Audit is out

DRIP Announcement 4 January 2022

We got our Dec. results back for new accounts created last month‼️

We blew every other month out of the water in the amount of new users we onboard. More than double the previous month💧🚀

We were the only DeFi project in the top 10 that kept positive user growth over the holiday and we moved up to #4 in all of DeFi on DappRadar 🔥🔥

Our Manor Farm Paladin Audit is out and it is amazing🐷🚀

We have 0 unresolved issues‼️

All of the potential issues they did find where not bugs or errors, just suggestions they made which we could implement to make the system even more trustless or issues that did not apply to the ways we utilize the contracts in our system. However we still went the extra mile to address and resolve all of them to get the highest possible score you can get from Paladin 🔥👑

Everyone take an opportunity to check it out, tell us what you think and spread the work 🥳

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