Major partnership with Bet Fury and NFT Deal

DRIP Announcement 27 December 2021

There has been this low IQ murmuring from people that don’t understand what we did with the DRIP Garden. Due to the fact that the newly added liquidity has been split across multiple DEX, it’s not as obvious to people who don’t understand how these markets work what a major benefit this was to the price of DRIP‼️

The price on either DEX is the same as it was before launch but if all of the liquidity which has been added to DRIP on both DEXs was just added to our native DEX the price there would currently be over $110 due to 7 million dollars of fresh capital being added and locked in our liquidity pools 👀

Since it’s split between both DEX it takes twice the amount of capital to move the price up, but it also takes twice the amount of capital to push the price down. Not only this but the majority of our liquidity is in BUSD allowing us to decouple from the rest of the market. It also allows us to have proper pricing and volume data on sites like CMC, CG and Dextools. 💪🏻

Due to the fact that that DRIP is more than twice as strong as it was before the DRIP Garden and a lot of weak hands that don’t understand that were shaken out, getting them closer to or hitting their max payout, while the strong hands have grown a larger share of the network, DRIP is in a better place than ever with a stronger foundation than ever for growth 👑

We just secured a major partnership with Bet Fury and I’m in the process of working out the details of an NFT deal with an A-list artist. We also have a massive supply shock incoming with Manor Farm. The growth of DRIP has just started and I’ve never been more bullish. Having events that shake out weak hands, based solely on their misunderstanding of basic defi markets in the long run is one of the most bullish things that can happen to project like DRIP. It’s best to get them out as early as possible before we secure even more massive deals which push prices up to new ATHs.. The truth is even without new deals or utility, the core contract of DRIP are stronger than any other DeFi protocol in crypto and will result in price appreciation over time 💧🚀

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