Launch of the Piggy Bank was a major success

Forex Shark Announcement

We have finished wiring the front end and everything is deployed. We could go live right now but I do not want to launch right now in the middle of the night. I feel like it will catch too many people off guard. To allow our launch optimal exposure to global markets we will launch exactly at 11 am est. We can do this because everything is deployed and wired up, so it will take me seconds to unpause. I will get in the VC at 10:30am est to discuss the launch process so we will be ready to go live exactly at 11am.

Since everything is wired You can not see the Time Locking Bonus you will receive for time locking you capital. The time bonus utilizes an algorithm to ensure longer time locked stakes always pay better‼️

Lets change the space.


We are ready to go‼️

I will jump in VC in 1 hour, 10:30 am est.. I will give a brief description of the launch process and then we will start a short countdown at 11:00 am est. As soon as this countdown hits 0 Piggy Bank will be unpaused 🥳

We pulled out all stops to get Piggy Bank ready to go this week, but we refuse to launch at nonoptimal times or rush anything which is why we decided to launch this morning as apposed to yesterday night 💪🏻

We spent all of last night and early this morning stress testing, running projections, and preparing for this amazing launch. I am extremely confident and excited to bring Piggy Bank to market. We are setting a new standard for variable time locking protocols, offering proprietary features that can only be found on Animal Farm ⚡️⚡️

Lets send these Piggies to space 🐷🚀

Launch of the Piggy Bank was a major success 🚀

I can see that everything is working exactly as designed‼️

Some people are confused about how the pricing works and for some reason think that everyone should get the same exchange rate. Anyone who has ever bought anything from an exchange known the price goes up as people buy… We set the starting price at the same exact rate as DRIP Garden which has proven to be fair, balanced and sustainable. The price of Piglets DO NOT determine the value of your stake. Only your available Truffles determines the value of you stake because Piglets cannot be sold. Piglets just act as a stand in to determine your ROI, which is up to 3% based on how often you compound your Truffles relative to others in the system.

The vast majority of users understand this. In Piggy Bank all of the value is derived from Time Locking and Compounding. People who don’t understand will learn this lesson very fast.

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