Launch of The Manor Farm

Announcement 12 December 2021

Next, we launch The Manor Farm which is the first layer of a revolution in yield farming on BSC. The Manor Farm was developed in response to the vacuum left by generic farms with no long term plan for sustainability and price performance. As The Manor Farm and The Animal Farm are a multi-layer protocol, with L1 only lasting 14 days we gave a lot of thought to when L1 would end and when the migration process of L1 – L2 would take place. For promotional and marketing reasons we needed to ensure this would not be happening during the holidays and New Year. For this reason, we have chosen a hard launch date of L1 on Tuesday the 4th of January‼️

This is perfect because it allows The DRIP Garden and DRIP Liberation contract to get the individual attention they deserver which is insanely bullish for DRIP and then just 2 weeks later we go live with The Manor Farm Launch and public presale which will both take place on the 4th of January!! Launching on the 4th takes us out of the mess of launching during the holidays allowing investors to put their full attention on The launch of The Manor Farm and the migration to The Animal Farm 14 days later 🐷👑

I couldn’t be more bullish about our launch date decisions and everything we have coming up for both DRIP and The Manor Farm and I am so proud to announce that we are 100% ready to go!! We start a major paid promotional campaign for all products next week which will run through the whole life of the platforms‼️ There is so much more to learn and say about our upcoming farm protocol. To find out more go to and read all of the documentation. The Manor Farm is designed to become the new standard in yield farms and we have the right technology and promotional/marketing network to do it 💧🚀

I will be going on today at 3 pm est. to discuss this announcement and so much more

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