Interview with crypto youtuber James Pelton

Forex Shark Announcement

We are starting an ad competition for The Animal Farm‼️

On Monday we will choose the best ads submitted to tagging myself and an admin.

Also tweet the ad to using the hashtag #cryptotwitter and #animalad 🐳

Next week we will take the best ads and start getting them up on targeted high traffic crypto sites. Those who win the competition will have their Animal Farm referral link used on the ad so they get credit when people are onboarded from their ads, as well as $500 BUSD 🥳


The new PIGS high yield game is coming along very well and should be completed by early next week. I will announce a launch date and release a whitepaper for it very soon 🐷🚀

The new PIGS game takes all of the elements you love from DRIP Garden such as the ability to earn up to 3% daily ROI, non-inflationary rewards and adds several amazing new utilities such as, longer pays better harvest locking where you can increase the principle you earn the daily ROI on by time locking your harvests. This allows you to experience greatly increased compound interest, with out needing to deposit additional capital. It also has some amazing mechanics borrowed from DRIP, but tweaked to fit the concept such as variable referral commissions based on how much DOGS you have staked ⚡️👀

It’s truly an amazing stand alone concept but becomes so much more powerful as part of the larger Animal Farm ecosystem! It immediately provides exponentially more value to DOGS & PIGS which aggressively make all of the other farms and pools increasingly robust and compelling 👑

This is so exciting

Here are some formats that are typically used by advertising platforms:

704 x 293, 444 x 140, 450 x 90, 930 x 90, 320 x 100, 336 x 280, 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 970 x 90, 970 x 250 (GIFs under 7-12mb)..

All the sites use different formatting and dimensions so I find it’s best to have people submit concepts and then tweak the format as needed based on what we need at the time. However you will be more likely to win if you use one of the above formats, bigger is usually better.


I have an interview with a crypto youtuber today at 1pm est‼️

The interview will take place in live, and then the youtuber will publish a produced version of the interview on the channel below with thousands of subscribers 🥳

This youtuber was able to bring over 3,000 people into DRIP so his influence and engagement is very high with his audience 💪🏻

An additional 500,000 BUSD was just injected into the PigPen, see link below. We are just getting started.


Interview with crypto youtuber James Pelton going live now in

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