Final Raise for Public Sale

Drip Announcement 14 October 2021

When we have wrapped up the promotional group raise we will move on to the public sale. This is the final raise which will take place on the same day as launch‼️ We are targeting either the 28th of this month or the 2nd of next month to have our public presale and launch. This is dependent on our audit and promotional material being ready, as we have set up for a major marketing push for the public presale and launch including working with a paid marketing firm which regularly brings 50+ million in TVL to farms that are not close to as interesting or have near the potential of TheManor.Farm👑

Public Sale:

500,000 BUSD allocation

250-2,500 BUSD per person min/max..

10% under listing


For more info on the presale and the project visit TheManor.Farm and click the DOCS tab on the left to access the whitepaper. Also join the following groups and feel free to ask questions. I will be producing a ton of interviews and promotional material in the following days so STAY TUNED⚡️

Also join the DRIP telegram and social media below 💧👑

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