DRIP tokens as a currency option

Drip Announcement 3 November 2021

I am proud to announce that DRIP x Treasurekey have established a strategic partnership to utilize DRIP tokens as a currency option for Treasurekey Casino games 💧🐳

Not only will this expose DRIP to an average monthly volume of $60,000,000 in wages, but it will also be removing DRIP from circulation as all DRIP that’s won by the house gets sent directly to the Faucet tax pool, where it will be used to pay out DRIP stakers‼️ The games will be hosted on https://TreasureKey.bet as well as https://drip.community adding major new utility to the DRIP platform💧🥳

All of this goes live 11/9/21‼️ Now is your chance to get in before the crowd 💧🚀

CryptoWorkx presents Dripvember and an exclusive interview with Forex Shark this Saturday 6th Nov @ 14:00 Est / 20:00 SAST. Join us and be a part of the revolution !! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jpCnOrglyohTf4dHMFj6A

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