DRIP ranked #2 DAPP on BSC right under PCS and #6 DAPP on all networks

DRIP Announcement 29 December 2021

We have a huge week coming up, everyone gets prepared‼️

We will have Cointelegraph banner ads, articles, and a major press release. DappRadar top placement on ranking lists, banner ads, suggested search. Dextools sponsored ads, as well as search placement, RugDoc review, DeFi Calendar💧🚀

Our Paladin audit will be out this week, we have Twitter influencers ready to push, I have an interview/AMA with a very large YouTuber, and much more including some celebrities ⚡️👀

Above all of this and most importantly we have the strongest community in all of crypto and we need to use it on all platforms, remember there is a 3% referral commission on Manor Farm so take full advantage of it 🐷

Love you all, let’s show the world what we can do.

DRIP ranked #2 DAPP on BSC right under PCS and #6 DAPP on all networks‼️

This is almost excusably due to our incredible growth analytics. All other projects in the top 5 have 10-100x our TVL but our growth analytics are so strong we overshadow them 👑

It’s only a matter of time until our volume and TVL overshadow them as well. Tomorrow we start our marketing campaign and you will start seeing our first ads go up.

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