DRIP ON DAPP Radar; Partnership with Farm

Drip Announcement 31 August 2021

DRIP has just been added to DAPP Radar and is currently the number 47th Decentralized Application in the world!! This is great news and will give us a massive platform to help propel us in our next big moves! We will continue to put in the work to get DRIP the exposure that it deserves. We have finished the development and testing of the farm before raising any capital or promoting it at all this way when we are ready to promote that is all we have to focus on and we will put 100% of our resources into promoting DRIP and its a partnership with the farm‼️

On another exciting note, the contracts and the front ends for the farm which I helped develop are finished!!! This means we will spend the rest of the week running tests and setting up promotions so we can start the private presale next month. This farm is using a few unique mechanics which are not being utilized by any yield farms in crypto and I believe these mechanics will go a long way in making the rewards sustainable while still having great performance

Details about the presale, the mechanics of the farm and how this will benefit DRIP will be released during the week as we prepare for promotion ⚡️

Additionally, we are working every day on the NFT battle/idle game and it is coming along great. I believe it will be my most ambitious project to date and of course, will benefit DRIP greatly through utilizing DRIP microtransactions as part of the mechanics of the game. Stay tuned and buckle up.


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