DRIP Liberation and DRIP Garden game coming

DRIP Announcement 21 December 2021

It’s time, this is AMAZING‼️

Now we have over 6 million dollars worth of liquidity in both our native DEX (DRIP Fountain) and the PancakeSwap liquidity pools, and we have even more BUSD liquidity than we BNB liquidity which can now decouple from the rest of the market and show our true strength. I could not be more bullish 💧🚀

On top of this we have a MAJOR partnership announcement coming tomorrow. By far the biggest yet, not only providing an amazing new use case for DRIP on a platform that does 2 billion dollars a week in volume, they are going to reward people with their native token when people lock up and use DRIP on their site 👀🚀

We have some massive buys coming in right now as we are about to open up DRIP Liberation, our DEX aggregator which buys DRIP at the best possible price and adds BUSD liquidity to PCS tax-free and DRIP Garden game which is a high yield staking game designed to pay massive rewards sustainably.

Get up to 8% DRIP cashback on your DRIP deposit. (Time-limited promotion)

Use the buddy referral code: 0xD557c26793758F88053D9988C27aD980d6d87289
when you sign up for DRIP.

Upon joining, I will link you up to a invitation-only “DRIP Success” Telegram group to get more personalised tips, help and strategies to making a million dollar from DRIP.
Email cryptomaster779@gmail.com for your rewards upon sign up.


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