DRIP is currently ranked #4 in all of DeFi

DRIP Announcement 2 January 2022

More ads went up and will continue to go up today‼️

We had the details of our themanor.farm raise and launch, as well as a large banner ad go up on apeoclock.com which is a go to site for yield farm launches 🐷🚀

They have a large and extremely active  userbase which is exactly the userbase we are targeting ⚡️

We also have our search placement up that promotes Manor Farm every time someone searches for a BSC project on DexTools.  This placement was not available for 3 more days but we pulled strings to get it up early 💪🏻

What a year it’s been for our community, from the first token we launched to DRIP we have been doing nothing but winning all year, and are bringing the new year in with a bang with the launch of themanor.farm 🐷🚀

I will be getting in t.me/The_Animal_Farm voice chat in 3 hours (2 pm EST) where I will do a full break down of the project, how we are changing the DeFi space forever and how it effects DRIP 💧🚀

DRIP is currently ranked #4 in all of DeFi, #2 for DeFi on BSC and it’s the only platform in the top 10 that maintained growth over this holiday ⚡️👑

We also have our sponsored ad up on dextools.io/app 👑

Working on getting our DappRadar ads and sponsored ranking placement up RIGHT NOW and we have a lot more coming‼️

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