DRIP create sustainable long term value

DRIP Announcement 19 December 2021

I noticed some people are asking about the price of our native DEX; this is capital going from our native DEX into PancakeSwap.

Over 1 million dollars has been added to the DRIP/BUSD pair already today. Once the DRIP Liberation and DRIP Garden go live, it will allow millions of dollars worth of fresh capital to enter the system as the DRIP Garden grows. We know the referral systems of these games are very powerful and will attract a ton of new users from outside of our community. Keep in mind no capital is leaving DRIP, just migrating from our DEX onto PCS, and we expected this to happen to some degree.‼️

This creates a much stronger base for us and brings the deep stable liquidity pool that we need to decouple from the rest of the market and be promoted on analytic sites such as Dextools, CMC, CG, and other sites which are only pulling data from pancakeswap. DRIP is about creating sustainable long term value, and now we have the deep stable pool we need to thrive regardless of market conditions

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