Credit of v2 PIGS and v2 PIGS lp tokens

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We want to meet the public demands to add the ability for smaller divs to be compounded in Piggy Bank. This is important since you need to compound in order to claim your bonus and it is not fair if the smaller users cannot earn a bonus for time locking and cannot compound at all. Also there were a couple botters who sniped the launch and were attempting to drain the system using automated scripts which only sell, we will not allow for this. We temporary blacklisted them but to do it properly and allow for smaller users to also benefit from compounding and time locking bonuses we need to do as follows:

We need to launch a new Piggy Bank contract, but since we have no ability to migrate people’s funds we need to launch a new PIGS token as well. Then migrate liquidity from the v1 PIGS token to v2 PIGS token, airdrop the v2 PIGS token to current v1 PIGS holders, minus the botters. We will then migrate the state of v1 Piggy Bank with no ability for smaller users to compound to v2 where smaller users will have the ability to compound.

It will not take too long but it will be a process and you will need to be patient as it is for the best of every legit user in the system. We need the state of DOGS and PIGS to remain untouched while we do this so we have paused both DOGS and PIGS until the migration is complete. The whole system will be so much stronger from this as we will not have a small handful of botters draining the system, the bonus/compounding mechanic will be much more fair to small users and although it would be easier for us to just say, “oh well”, we will always do what is right even if it means confronting an issue like this.

We are pushing an update to the Animal Farm website which will allow people to send in their PIGS and PIGS lp tokens. In order to be credited with v2 PIGS and v2 PIGS lp tokens you must withdraw them from where ever they are and send them in using the Animal Farm dashboard here If you cannot withdraw LP tokens due to time lock in Piggy Bank it is ok this is accounted for but all claimable LP tokens must be claimed and sent into Send the PIGS and PIGS lp tokens from the wallet they were associated with before the v1 token was paused.

Tomorrow at this time we will be unpausing the PIGS tokens and opening up the dashboard for transactions. We will be leaving it open until next Tuesday, at which point we will prepare the distribution of V2.

I am excited to get this finished so we can out our full focus into marketing Animal Farm/Piggy Bank and get into a major DRIP partnership that is ready to go‼️

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