Countdown to the start of the Animal Farm launch process

Forex Shark Announcement

As stated in the previous announcement, we were waiting for Paladin to do an audit of the adjustments we made to the PIGS tokens (3% tax on sales) and to the PIGPEN (Stake lock up, 3% drip/30% instant payout). We got this back yesterday and are ready to go‼️

Below is a countdown to the start of the launch process. We will start with a Voice Chat in when the countdown hits 0. This is to discuss the launch process and get everyone on the same page. We will then start a short 15 minute countdown so no one is caught off guard and when this short countdown hits 0 we will add liquidity at the same time we unlock presale tokens and staking in Pools, Farms, PigPen. 30 minutes after listing the rewards will start 🐷🚀

I could not be more excited and confident in the protocol, as well as our preparation 👑

DOGS and PIGS are designed to appreciate rapidly at launch and maintain this price growth through greatly incentivizing the lock up of tokens while controlling supply through the dynamic emission rates, multiple cashflow buyback protocols and removing incentive for speculation and sales with a time weighted high yield BUSD dividend. The launch price of DOGS and PIGS will be extremely attractive both to new investors and presalers so prepare for this 👀⚡️


I will be doing a live interview today with Crypto Atlas, a popular youtuber with an extremely engaged following 🥳

The interview will start at 1pm EST. You can get involved by joining voice chat and at the end of the interview I will open up to questions from the community‼️

In the interview we will be discussing DRIP & The Animal Farm launch.

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