Countdown to Piggy Bank going live

Forex Shark Announcement

Above is a countdown to Piggy Bank going live‼️

When the countdown hits 0, the contracts will be unpaused and staking goes live. We are in the process of launching everything today, the front end, contracts and wiring the contracts to the front end so everyone can get familiar with how the dashboard looks and works. This will also give a chance for people to get their referrals ready and for youtubers/promoters to walk through the platform with their communities🐷🚀

Tomorrow I will be in voice chat around noon where I will do a screenshare and go through the front end explaining what everything is and how it works, although everything is easy to understand and well documented on it’s own. There is so much built up demand for Piggy Bank and I know it’s going to be game changing for DeFi as a whole and take Animal Farm to the next level 🔥🔥

You can now start creating and sharing your referral links. When people use your link it will be stored and you will be credited when the contracts go live 🥳

Tomorrow I will screen share in voice chat around noon est, and go over all the features with the community 👑

When the countdown above hits 0 we will unpause the contracts and Piggy Bank goes live, so exciting. This is huge, not just for The Animal Farm but also for DeFi as a whole, as we have made several extremely positive and bullish innovation with Piggy Bank that will set a new standard for time locking staking protocols 💪🏻

“That’s one small step for PIGS, one giant leap for Pigkind.

Everything is going great‼️

We are deploying the contracts now. We have to add all the time locking multipliers 10 at a time which is taking a while but it’s getting done. I will handle this like every other launch I’ve ever done, I will get in VC at 11am est, and update everyone. I will then start a short countdown when all I have to do if confirm the last transaction so everyone is on the same page and when this countdown hits 0 we unpause. We are aiming for 11, it could be a little later but not much 🐷🚀

I am so excited, the mechanics of the Piggy Bank are game changing. We are setting an new standard for variable time locking protocols, with massive time locking bonuses not paid for by inflation and the ability to compound your bonus over the duration of your stake 👑

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