Count down to (REV) liquidity adding event‼️

DRIP Announcement 

Moon Shot Hunters, the most active crypto telegram group just posted on their main channel as well as their News channel about our launch. It’s pinned in their main channel now, ‼️

everyone get in their and help shill 🚀

Above is the block time when our emissions start, about 1pm EST, we will open up the farms and pools for staking about 30 minutes before this to allow everyone to get in, start referring and be prepared❗️At 11am EST, (30 minutes) I will jump in voice chat to prepare everyone for presale raise💧🚀

Count down until Public Presale‼️

When this hits 0 we will unlock the presale contract and allow people to contribute 💧🚀

Make sure you read the instructions on the presale page‼️

count down to (REV) liquidity adding event‼️

Liquidity will be added at 12:30 EST. on Pancakeswap. As soon as liquidity is added it will be tradable, people can then stake in the farm & pools and those who got into the presale can swap their pREV for REV🐷🚀

I will be posting the REV token address and the PCS link to buy while the liquidity add transaction is confirming ⚡️🥳

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Email for your rewards upon sign up.


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