Combining the best elements of DRIP Garden and HEX

Forex Shark Announcement

Now that we gave plenty of time for the weak hands to make their leave, we’ve just done the first of many PigPen capital injections. Check the block viewer links below to confirm the transactions‼️

We will also be sporadically buying back the DOGS & PIGS from Pancakeswap and sending then to a burn address permanently removing them from circulation, appreciating their price and further locking liquidity🐷🚀

I am extremely excited to announce that we will be putting forth the first proposal very shortly for PIGS stakers to vote on the introduction of a new and highly innovative game that will heavily incentivize both buying and liquidity adding/staking for the PIGS token. This is development that was already being worked on and kept under wraps for just this moment⚡️👀


The weekend was all about making little tweaks here and there to website. This week we will be adding a submission for to the website, so we can start streamlining partnership (and other) application, we are going to do at least one major youtube interview, and we will stat getting ads up on high traffic crypto sites‼️

Congrats to everyone who stuck through the launch phase, now is when we kick it into the next gear.


I’m in the process of wrapping up a revised whitepaper, cutting out a lot of the irrelevant information regarding l1 and updating the current info about The Animal Farm‼️

I will also be adding all of the info about the new PIGS contract we are launching very soon that will give a short term play on PIGS for people who don’t see the long term value of the PigPen. The new contract is similar to the DRIP Garden where you can earn up to 3% daily ROI non-inflationary but with a time lock up multiplier where you can increase your buying power for time locking your harvest. The longer you time lock your harvest, the higher the multiplier is on your deposit. There is also a referral system that allows you to earn from on boarding new capital and the % that you earn from referrals is dependent on you DOGS holdings. Essentially combining the best elements of DRIP Garden and HEX to create an incredibly powerful investment vehicle that would be a successful stand alone project on it’s own but we are adding it to The Animal Farm as another amazing way to earn from the platform🐷🚀

The staking will be for PIGS/BUSD, incentivizing people to buy and add liquidity to PIGS.

Adds value to PIGS for people who want a shorter time horizon on their investment.

Locks away PIGS allowing for price appreciation.

Adds more incentive to farm PIGS with DOGS and hold DOGS to unlock larger referral bonuses.

We still have millions for both Buy Backs and PigPen injections 🐳

We will be starting an ads competition for The Animal Farm tomorrow so we can increase the ad exposure we currently have

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