Buyback DOGS, PIGS and injecting into the PigPen

Forex Shark Announcement

DRIP just moved up to #3 BSC all categories for the first time, still #2 on BSC for the DeFi category‼️

No matter what global market conditions are DRIP is old faithful, growing every day by all metrics. We have over 40 million dollars in locked liquidity now in DRIP 💧👀

Allowing weak hands to filter out of DOGS and PIGS before we go full ape mode with the buy backs & PigPen injections 🐷🚀

We just launched and I’m already so excited for the partnership vaults .🐳


There has been some questions about the BUSD payout from the PigPen that I want to address here so people that are paying attention will see it 🤓

The BUSD payouts are time weighted and dynamic, meaning that 70% of all BUSD generated from both DOGS txs and platform deposit fees are put into a vault which pay out 3% of it’s balance a day, when the PIGS emission rate is set to pegged, this daily % rate is increased when the dynamic emissions adjust above pegged. Since 70% of all BUSD generated is going into the vault which pays out significantly less BUSD than it accumulates, the balance of BUSD in the vault is constantly increasing which in turn increases the volume of the BUSD paid out every day. This is a mechanic that is specifically designed to reward users who build their position over time, increasing the BUSD volume paid out every day while users increase their share ownership of the PigPen. We designed this specifically to transfer value from weak hands to long term participants of the platform in a way that is hard coded into the protocol 🐳

We have million of BUSD put aside that we will be using to buyback DOGS, PIGS and injecting into the PigPen. We also another extremely cool use case for PIGS tokens as an investment vehicle that also involves it’s governance mechanism in the works. This is literally just the start‼️

We have some big announcements for tomorrow that I don’t want to make on a Sunday so stay tuned.

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