Be careful of projects claiming to have DRIP partnerships

Drip Announcement 11 August 2021

I want everyone to be careful of projects claiming to have DRIP partnerships. Today a project called Ghost something was promoting a DRIP partnership when I knew nothing about the project and made no partnership deal with them. It turns out they did some kind of soft rug after launch. If I knew they were claiming a DRIP partnership I would have disavowed them. Of course, I can’t and won’t stop people from adding DRIP pools to their farm but if you don’t see me posting about the partnership that means we don’t have a partnership and if they are claiming one then it’s a scam.

I had announced that this STABLE project could be a potential partnership with DRIP if they pass their audits. It looks like they did pass their audits but they also changed up the way they are launching in a way that I wouldn’t have agreed to and announced it before letting me know. They are still going to be having DRIP pools but be aware that when you launch a token before the farm goes live, the token almost always dumps before the farm goes live. It seems to be having decent performance but be careful and hold it at your own risk.

I’m in the process of helping a good friend put together a farm that actually has a solid concept and that I know will be done 100% right. I’ll be hands-on with it every step of the way to ensure that it’s done correctly, gets the promotion, and then I’ll leave the managing and development of the project up to him so I can put my full focus on DRIP. We will have the presale raise for this project in about a week and hopefully, launch in a couple of weeks. I’ll be updating here shortly.

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