Audit for Animal Farm Finishing

Forex Shark Announcement

I want to thank all of the admins, team leaders, mods and everyone in the community. You are doing a great job and you’re doing an amazing service to your people. You only get so many chances in life to truly make a positive change in the life of other on scale and those who are taking advantage of your opportunity in DRIP and the up coming Animal Farm should all feel proud of the work you’re doing, We have the greatest community in crypto and every one of you contribute to this. Thank you‼️

We have a huge week ahead of us, I’ll be making some announcements in a few hours to break it all down. Keep up the great work, we are starting to break through in a major way and we are just getting started. 2021 was about getting the mechanics of the core DRIP contracts rolling. 2022 is about scaling, use cases, high level partnerships and direct targeted promotion. We just had all of the DRIP documentation professional translated for the Chinese community and will be putting a ton of focus on outreach to Chinese influencers and platforms.💧🚀

Everyone who is reading this is in a position right now to change your life for the better, lets do it.


We just got out of a meeting with Paladin and the audit for The Animal Farm will be finished on 27th. We have decided for promotional reasons it would be best to have the audit out before launch. We also want to have an extensive whitelisting for the BUSD raise. For these reasons we have decided to start the whitelisting process tomorrow and handle the BUSD presale raise for The Animal Farm in on Thursday 1/27/22. This is great for those who cleared time for Thursday because it will increase your chances of getting into the BUSD presale raise‼️

It also allows us to lock in significantly more promotional options before launch that require an audit 🐷🚀

We are pushing The Animal Farm launch back to Tuesday 2/1/22. Those who know me, know I’m a perfectionist and if I know we will see significant benefit from a decision like this I will take it. I am so excited for this, we are changing the game 👑

We will be publishing the whitelisting form tomorrow

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