Animal Farm REV contribution phase

Forex Shark Announcement

We are pulling the data right now for The Animal Farm REV presale contribution and then whitelisting people for the amount of REV they held before the liquidity was removed‼️

This went perfect. I couldn’t have asked for this whole 2 week process to go any smoother. Be patient, it’s a lot of data we have to pull and it takes time. We should have the contributions open with in the hour and then we will keep it open for 24 hours, from the time it was opened so everyone will have plenty of time no matter what time zone you are in


As written in the whitepaper, as I’ve said in all of the AMAs, in the pinned posts made today and for the past 2 weeks, and even on the front page of the website, 100% of the BUSD removed from the REV liquidity pool will go to those who contribute REV to The Animal Farm presale both in the form of BUSD rewards and price appreciation through buy backs🐷🚀

Do not buy REV now and if you did buy REV after liquidity was removed you will not be able to contribute it to the presale. If you had the REV in your wallet or in the Safehouse, as was instructed for the past two weeks you are as set 🐳

The reason why it’s impossible to honor REV which was bought after the liquidity removal event is because this REV was bought for pennies on the dollar and the value backing it was not captured for the L2 migration. We gave a ton of advance warning for weeks not to buy REV after liquidity is removed for this very reason‼️


Congratulations to everyone who prepared themselves for this, you showed the courage and wisdom of an industry leader and for this you will be rewarded as one 👑

The Animal Farm REV contribution will take place shortly here and the contribution phase will stay open for 24 hours ones it’s open:

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