Life time opportunity to be the owner of the Animal Farm

Forex Shark Announcement

We have listed and captured those who wanted to forfeit their capital to the liquidity pool by trying to get around our anti-bot system, as we said would happen. We designed our contracts to make it very easy to see who is a legitimate buyer and who was trying to get around our anti-bot security measures 👑

Keep in mind we have not fully added the liquidity, we will add the rest (much more) to the liquidity pool through buying DOGS and PIGS directly from the market and sending them to a burn address which will greatly appreciating their price 🐷🚀

Be patient, as I said this is a launch process as it’s the only way we can ensure the dignity of our launch and the capital of our investors‼️


Congratulations to everyone who is taking advantage of this once in a life time opportunity to be the owner of the first deflationary, fully decentralized ownership yieldfarm/lending protocol. A true innovation in DeFi that is setting a new standard for global markets. You are now in a position to earn as the super wealthy do, not by selling your assets or share ownership but by accumulating this capital and then leverage their assets, while living off and compounding the dividends. 🐷🚀

I am going to get start a voice chat and open the text chat in the next few minutes where we can all celebrate this momentous occasion‼️

We are also going to start verifying contracts and we will burn out blacklisting functionality, DOGS and PIGS rewards start in the farm in about 20 minutes, I will be in the voice chat by then.


We have no yet unpaused the single asset staking for DOGS but we will shortly, the multiplier for DOGS/BUSD is 5x higher than single asset staking and DOGS/WBNB is 4x higher multiplier than single DOGS staking, so go in there for now.


Wow, that was a big day yesterday 🤣

DOGS & PIGS trending #1 & #2 on Dextools, called it 🥳

I’m going to get in voice chat in 1 hour 1pm est. and talk about how we move forward from here‼️

We have literally millions of dollars put aside to start buy backs on DOGS and PIGS. We also have millions of dollars ready to inject into the PIGPIG 🐷🚀

Now the work starts.

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