AMA with a large venture capitalist and full 2022 roadmap for DRIP

DRIP Announcement

We just sent our first batch of DRIP to the tax pool that was accumulated from the‼️

I wasn’t sure if I should address this or not but I will once and then never bring it up again. 7% of the REV sold in presale was able to be bought by one person, even though we took anti-bot measures. Our anti-bot measures is the reason he was only able to buy 7% and not more. Bots get in on launches and presales all the time, of course, it would have been ideal if no bots got into the presale at all and in the future, we will handle all raises privately to ensure this doesn’t happen. 💪🏻

What is most important is that this person is already out so they cannot affect the price into the future…

We are going to start buybacks tomorrow. We wanted to give a chance for things to stabilize and for the people who were just in it for a quick flip to get out before we start feeding capital back in. We also have some additional marketing which starts tomorrow.

We have spent the weekend updating front end to add values such as a TVL display, added more social media links, and dialled in some information outputs on the site to make the dashboards more useful for users. This front end update has just been pushed 🐳

We have about $45,000,000 TVL which is on pace for our L1 run-up to L2. Remember that all of our major game-changing innovations come into play with L2 and we are truly bringing something a special product to the market. REV holders will get in for the best possible price with no allocation cap 💪🏻🐷

Today we paid for multiple DappRadar Banner which are set to go up immediately, on Monday we will have top ranking placement secured for 4 weeks, and we will have multiple social media posts made by the DappRadar team on their official Social Media Broadcast across our Twitter (over 145k followers), Facebook & Discord to promote our projects🔥

I will be doing an AMA with a large venture capitalist whale group as well as promotion and announcements on their public channels,. I will also be scheduling another YouTube interview with a large youtube influencer before the launch of Animal Farm.

By the end of the week, we will have the Animal Farm site up so users can check it out and become familiar with the different dashboards and front end 👑

We plan to publish a full 2022 roadmap for DRIP next week. It will detail our deadlines for partnerships, UI updates, further development, celebrity collaboration and marketing plans 💧🚀

There are at least 3 major dev teams building projects on top of and integrated into DRIP contracts as well as several super high-end partnerships which will be launching very shortly (dates will be addressed in the roadmap). It will be the first time we have ever produced a fully detailed Roadmap for DRIP, which is HUGE‼️

I have never been more bullish for our project than I am right now, there is so much right around the corner

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