AMA coming right up!

Forex Shark Announcement

In 25 minutes 7:30pm EST I will be doing an interview and AMA with Bartertown Rey in voice chat‼️

The plan it to do a quick and concise breakdown of the L1 -L2 migration and launch of L2. We will keep it under 15 minutes so it’s easy to watch, understand and share 💪🏻

This will be clipped and turned into a standalone youtube video.

We will then open up to an AMA with the community.

In 30 minutes 1pm est, I will be doing an interview and AMA with Crypto Talk & Crypto Mike‼️

Both of these gentlemen are big players in the crypto space with a ton of influence and we will be duel streaming the interview on both of their youtube channels.

We have an AMA tomorrow with the most active and largest crypto telegram group‼️

It will be at 12 noon EST 👑

DappRadar will also be making a massive press release about Manor Farm to all of their following through their email list, and social media with hundreds of thousands of users. This includes twitter, instagram, facebook and more. They have 140k on their twitter alone.💧🚀



Telegram :

You Have To Join The Telegram Channel To Get The Reward


Usual format off :

Closed round questions with me and the team

Then the floor is opened for questions from the public


2 x 50$

Reminder, this is what we will be looking for in winners:

1) As before, if the team chooses your question to answer that will score some points
2) If your question is a good,original question with allot of thought in it
3) Members who regularly chat/discuss outside of AMA’s

I am preparing for an AMA right now with the most active and largest crypto telegram group‼️

The AMA starts in 30 minutes at 12 noon EST, this is our biggest AMA yet. It will start in text chat & then I will bring it into voice always 👑

Also DappRadar just made a press release about The Animal Farm, go there and show all their followers how strong we are

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